Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wind Mapping

Wind, it can ruin picnics and turn an enjoyable day at the beach into an unexpected sandblasting. These mysterious forces create the waves we surf and cool us on the hottest of days, but to many, the wind, how it's formed and why it acts the way it does reamins a mystery.

In the West, the Santa Ana winds wreck havoc, in the Midwest it's Tornadic winds that keep people looking over their shoulders, in the Mississippi River Valley Derecho's are becoming more regular, and on the East and Gulf Coasts, there are Hurricanes. While I won't profess to be smart enough to be able to communicate the intricacies of wind, it's formation, etc...I do know that seeing something that is usually only felt, is another way to help conceptualize it, which is why the wind mapping I found at hint.fm is so cool. As they put it, their wind maps are living portraits of the winds over the US...while the image below is static, go here and you'll see what they mean by 'living portrait.'

They have the disclaimer that their maps are for art purposes and not science, but it's still a unique way to visualize something that is only felt and not seen.


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