Thursday, May 30, 2013

The proof is in the analytics and sweet infographic

While saying: "Social Media is a big deal and we need to start paying attention," it's interesting to see statistical data gleaned from the real world to back it up.

In addition to the below infographic (compliments of USF's MPA program), Patrick Meier posted a breakdown of the 2.1 million tweets in the first 48 hours after the Moore tornado...providing data that will reaffirm your burgeoning love affair with social platforms.

University of San Francisco Online Master of Public Administration


  1. nice work USF MPA! a verified social media communication plan seems like it could help a lot of states/nations in the wake of natural disasters.

    or even just the random infrastructure disaster... like that bridge that collapsed on i-5 in WA - social users turned right to wsdot & the state governor for information on detours and response.

    1. Agreed Leah, if your business/organization has a role to play or information to push during a crisis, having a plan to work from is one less thing to worry about.

      One of the challenges that social media poses however is that everyone, regardless of whether they have something useful to say or not, gets equal air time in the social media sphere creating a lot of white noise and in turn diluting or burying those messages with relevant info.

      Does Risen have a crisis plan for when the ground starts shaking?