Friday, August 23, 2013

World Humanitarian Day

Staying true to form of being a day late and a dollar short, I bring to you World Humanitarian Day, celebrated globally on August I'm a few days behind.

World Humanitarian Day, first commemorated in 2009, is a day to pay tribute to the men and women who have lost their lives working toward humanitarian causes around the world. Since its inception, every year has focused on a theme:
  • 2010 - We are Humanitarian Workers: Focused on the achievements of aid workers in the field
  • 2011 - People Helping People: Focused on inspiring the spirit of aid work in everyone
  • 2012 - I Was Here: Focused on doing something good for someone else
  • 2013 -The World Needs More _____: Everyone has an idea of what the world needs more of, this years campaign lets you fill in the blank.
This year's campaign is simple and well designed, I highly recommend spending some time at:

Just because the day has come and gone doesn't mean the message being spread isn't any less important.

Who doesn't love kid President?

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