Thursday, September 5, 2013

Preparedness Messages in Music

Music is a great to raise awareness. How often have you woken up with a song stuck in your head? What if the lyrics bouncing through your brain contained relevant information instead of being about breaking up, falling in love, or working for the weekend?

The messages in music are powerful and KRS-One's "Disaster Kit" is no exception; it has a lot of good information and he even manages to make water purification rhyme.

And while listening to this may sound strange, using rap and other genres of music to spread unusual messages is taking root within the development community. USAID has funded programming in the Caribbean that uses music as a way for kids to relate to foreign subject matter and make it relevant to them. (

However the messages are being spread, the fact that the preparedness message is being spread in such a unique way is great to see.

The below video makes you realize just how difficult it can be to create a song about disaster preparedness sound good.


  1. yes, the second song is so earnest (like so many disaster campaigns)

    KRS-one is good

  2. yeah, their hearts were in the right place but the execution left something to be desired.