Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30 days, 30 ways

There have been comments made that my recent posts have lacked the "meat" or "substance" of previous posts; to them and others who have been thinking the same thing I say: you're right. There are aspects of preparedness that I plan on going more in depth on, but for the most part, my goal for National Preparedness Month has been to showcase the unique efforts I've found that incorporate preparedness into our lives in interesting ways. All that to say, enjoy this respite while you can because there are more in depth posts on the horizon.

So, today I would like to call your attention to the website: 30days30ways. I like this site for many reasons but my favorite is because of Mr. Yuk, I remember him growing up on things that I wasn't supposed to drink...this was after a brief incident where I inadvertently drank mouthwash...but that's another story.
My name is Mr. Yuk
30 Days 30 Ways is a site that challenges its readers to participate in a simple activity every day during the month of September. They ask for submissions and give out prizes to their winners...and while some people will roll their eyes at the activities, I think this site is a great way to engage kids in preparedness. It provides an opportunity to talk with them about subjects that wouldn't normally come up and to do so while engaging in an activity that reinforces its message and importance. Kids in preparedness isn't something you hear too much about, but when something happens it's all we focus on, so better to start the conversation now instead of later.

Traditional preparedness is messaging accompanied by manuals or "tool kits" of some kind to help jump start the process. While tool kits exist to help make engaging in preparedness easier, people are often turned off because of the extraneous reading they require and ignore the message or exercise. 30 Days 30 Ways offers quick and simple activities that anyone can do and it should appeal to a wider audience without all the jargon.

I suggest checking them out...who knows, if you participate you may win a prize...and who doesn't love prizes?

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