Monday, September 9, 2013

The Emergency Bra

In looking at the different ways we're integrating preparedness into our daily lives, I came across the Emergency Bra (EBra), an invention of Dr. Elena Bodnar. The EBra is first and foremost a functioning undergarment but has filters sewn into the lining of the cups that work to protect the wearer from smoke, airborne particulate, etc... Dr. Bodnar has been clear that this is not a substitute for traditional forms of respiratory protection like half, full, or N-95 respirators but that it is supposed to be a stopgap should those options not be readily available.

While Dr. Bodnar's inspiration may have come from real world scenarios working with the World Health Organization, it may not be the most practical approach to the problem. Be that as it may, it's her innovative approach at trying to make preparedness as accessible as possible that I appreciate.

From music, to “literature,” and now clothing, emergency preparedness is being integrated into the fabric of our lives--i'm on the lookout for a the male counterpart...the Emergency Jockstrap.

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  1. um, wow. Just when I thought I had seen it all.