Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Dirty Weather Report

On October 22 & 23, The Climate Reality Project will host '24 Hours of Reality.' Dubbed "The Dirty Weather Report," this event aims to highlight the impact carbon is having on our world's weather systems and asking who's going to pay for the damage caused?

As the above graph illustrates the cost of responding to and recovering from these events is getting more and more expensive. And while the debate will continue as to whether there's actually a link between carbon emissions and extreme weather, the fact that more attention will be given to the impacts severe weather is having on communities across the globe is a good thing. More coverage will hopefully mean more conversation, and more conversation will mean more opportunities to talk about the importance of creating resilience in communities. If stronger and more frequent weather events are our foreseeable future, using any opportunity to advance the cause of mitigating their impacts to decrease recovery time is a cause worth championing.

Given the strong debate on either side of the climate change issue, do you think there's enough room for community resilience and disaster preparedness to be a part of the conversation?

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