Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome to the future of preparedness

The sky turns black, the storm clouds roll in...the ominous blare of the warning sirens wait, those aren't sirens, that's emotionally uplifting classical music.

Cut to the truck driving up the river...awesome.

If you, your organization, or your state agency is looking to raise the profile a little bit, may I suggest one of whatever these vehicles are. Nothing says we're in control like a vehicle that makes the full-sized army hummer look like a compact. They're perfect for taking donors to impoverished areas, for using river beds as roads, and while you don't see it in the video below, they make a great a rental for when you want to make an entrance at the next big annual conference.

And talk about an easy sell to donors...nothing says fiscal responsibility like a giant diesel monster truck, just show them the video, I think it sells itself. Toyota is doing their 100 Cars for Good campaign right now...if you can make a special request, mine would be whatever brand of super truck this happens to be.

Welcome to the future of community preparedness.

Thanks to Aaron Mason for passing this piece of awesome along.

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